About Us

About us

About us | dr.dream Dermatological Skin Care.

In 2008, a leading group of medical experts specialising in dermatology and plastic surgery debuted their brainchild at Dream Medical Group in Seoul: dr.dream Dermatological Skin Care.
This line took 8 years in the making, developed extensively with rigorous research and input from experts with the Dream Medical Group, one of the foremost beauty medical groups in Korea.
Healthy skin is beautiful skin. dr.dream Dermatological Skin Care is a cosmetics brand that offers a fundamental solution to skin problems. Its foundation rests on scientific principles to bring their clients the best skin they can achieve.
From general skin problems to hair care, dr.dream encompasses a complete beauty and care program that aims to take care of beauty from the inside out.
We aim for our clients to remember us for our quality skincare and customised cosmetics, and our close attention to their needs. Above all, we want our clients to remember us for exquisite quality.

Innovations And Breakthroughs

When it comes to rejuvenating and repairing skin, there is nothing quite like growth factors. These are a golden standard within Korean dermatology and plastic surgery circles, and their efficacy has been clinically tested and proven. Aside from revitalising skin, growth factors are also highly effective at reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
To date, no other brand uses as high a concentration of growth factors in their products as dr.dream Dermatological Skin Care, nor do they use as high a combination of growth factor complexes.
What does this mean for the consumer? A quicker, more potent way to reinvigorated, glowing skin. Healing and restoration in the same breath.
dr.dream’s Dream Nanogen Wrinkle Grinding Complex is another innovation created to enhance penetration into the skin, optimising skin cell regeneration. It stimulates collagen production in the skin to ensure that it remains smooth and soft, treating the skin both internally and externally.
It’s not just about looks, it also ensures that the skin is flourishing and protected.

Our Vision

We aspire for dr.dream to spearhead the next new trend in beauty- scientific skin and hair care from within. It is a functional and specialised skincare brand that comprises of high concentrations of actives, based on safe and diverse prescriptions for the skin.
dr.dream functions as a total beauty provider, from a cohesive line of products and services to consultations- of course, with the help of treasured customers and all stakeholders, forming a competitive corporate and brand network power.
Above all else, our core values lie in integrity, ethical behaviour and responsibility. We are committed to continual research and development in skincare trends and technology, so we can constantly progress in delivering a complete range of skincare products, crafted to suit skin needs anywhere and everywhere.