Best Korean Skincare Products in Singapore

Explore dr.dream Dermatological Korean Skincare

Best Korean Skincare Products in Singapore
Complete dermatological Korean Skincare solution backup by medical experts

dr.dream Dermatological Korean Skincare is a cosmeceutical brand that offers a fundamental solution to skin problems. Its foundation rests on scientific principles to bring their clients the best skin they can achieve.

Best Korean Skincare Products in Singapore
100% Korean Made

dr.dream Dermatological Korean Skincare is manufactured in Korea using cutting-edge engineering technology and the liposomal nan-encapsulation process.

Best Korean Skincare Products in Singapore
5 No-Additives

dr.dream Dermatological Korean Skincare is formulated with natural ingredients with no synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrance, artificial pigment, ethanol, and petroleum oil. dr.dream® comprises of unique essential ingredients that promise amazing visible results.

Best Korean Skincare Products in Singapore
Proprietary Formulation

Our proprietary formulation developed by dr.dream expert team; Dream Nanogen Wrinkle Grinding Complex™ (DNWG Complex™) effectively enhances skin repair and regeneration. 100% Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate ‘Plazma’ provides the skin with optimum elasticity and brightness from within for a crystal clear skin.

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Finding the ultimate home facial therapy that can do wonders for your skin?

You can restore your skin’s natural beauty with the RE10 that will help repair, replenish and rejuvenate your skin.


Brighter, firmer and more radiant skin

Immediate tightening of the collagen fibers

Softening of fine lines and wrinkles

Improved blood flow and lymphatic circulation

Enhanced facial contour

Improved absorption of skincare products

Best moisturizer for instant supple and elastic

I was on a doctor-prescribed topical cream and facial wash for about 10 years due to my eczema, skin dryness and irregularities in skin condition. Recently, I decided to switch to over-the-counter facial wash and dr. Dream’s Hydramemory Deep Active Moisturizer.

Dinie Rahman
Although its pricey, I think it's definitely worth it! Best Homecare Device!

Got this as a gift from my husband, and loved it! The effects are instantaneous especially when used with a good serum. The lifting effect is visible and the device glides on like a dream. It's easy to use and brought it on a holiday with me already!

Aileen Chang
Extremely Effective!

I could see a difference in the tautness of my face after just one use! I tried the blue and red led (anti aging and lifting mode) together with my serum, there was a visible effect after 20mins ( I used it longer - 10mins per session)

Stephanie Micheal

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