Let’s Talk Skincare After 50: Best Serum for Glowing Skin Korean

Skincare regime after 50

Who doesn’t love flawless, glowing skin! But as you age and mature, you lose the luster as you start experiencing visible age changes in your skin. The decade after 50 years is challenging for women as menopause leads to hormonal dishevel and several ups and downs in your body. This has a significant impact on the conditions and looks of your skin. Your skin starts turning drier,  more sensitive, and thin due to the loss in collagen production ability with time. Sun-spots and slower cell turnover are other skin problems commonly seen at this age. To keep your skin rejuvenated and revitalized, you will need to focus on hydrating, firming, brightening, protecting your skin’s moisture barrier, and choosing your products accordingly while you age gracefully. The right products and a proper skincare regime can help you nurture and improve your skin that has suffered the effects of decades of the aging process, pollution, and sun damage. 

And when it comes to beauty advice, South Korea is one of the leaders in the beauty industry! The flawless skins of Korean women seen are a testament to the effectiveness of their skincare routine and hence worth trying out. 

So here is the Korean skincare routine that you should follow for healthy, glowing, youthful, and firm skin in your fifties:  



Face cleansing skincare

With age, your skin turns thinner and more vulnerable to infections, as it can be vulnerable to toxins and bacteria invasion. Hence, cleansing is the foremost step. However, harsh soaps and liquids can make it drier and rougher, so try to use a gentle cleanser on the skin. Your skin cannot afford to lose any of the moisture or nutrients beyond your fifties. So instead of using harsh makeup removers or face washes containing harsh chemicals, use cleansing oils to remove your make-up. Follow this up with a mild foaming cleanser to wash off the dirt and debris and remove the toxins from your pores. 


It is vital to exfoliate routinely as that helps in removing the dead skin layer that accumulates with age. This keeps your skin supple and creates an even tone. Choose an exfoliating product with a more natural composition that suits well with dry and sensitive skin. It will help you fortify your complexion by regenerating collagen production. 


face mask skincare

Sheet masks are the soul of the Korean beauty regime. These sheets are soaked in serum, containing various essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients for the skin. They hydrate the skin, giving it an instant glow. When in prolonged contact with your face, these masks provide better hydration while nourishing and soothe your tired skin, locking in the moisture. When choosing a product for your skin, always choose a mask loaded with elasticity-boosting, soothing and nourishing ingredients to best skin rejuvenation effect.


face toning skincare

Skin toning can improve rough, dull, and uneven skin tone. In Korean skincare, toners play a crucial role in removing any residual dirt over your skin and balancing the pH levels.  An effective toner deep cleanses your skin without drying it out. So choose an alcohol-free toner.


A matured skin beyond the fifties being thin requires collagen boosting and nourishing formulations to reduce the signs of aging. The fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness in the skin need to be countered by facial oils to firm your skin and bring out its glow from within—this why you must choose a good anti-aging serum to bring out your glowing skin. While selecting the best brightening serum for your skin, look out for the key ingredients like vitamin C, growth factors, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, etc., that protect, nourish, and hydrate your skin to achieve a dewy glow. To maximize its effects without irritating your skin, apply your serum at night, few times a week, gradually working your way up to daily use if tolerated well. This way, your skin will have all the time to absorb maximum nutrients.


Do not be disheartened by the dullness and loss of moisture in your skin!! Korean moisturizers work effectively to rejuvenate your skin and replenishing its nutrients. The active ingredients can be absorbed deep into the skin and make your skin tighter, brighter, and moisturized. You will see a visible improvement in the tone and texture of your skin over time.  


Sunscreens are not just for summers but for life!! Irrespective of your age, they are the most vital part of your skincare regime. Daily sun protection is a must to allow your skin to heal the past damage and regain its uneven tone. Choose a sunscreen that is lightweight and packs with protection from UVA and UVB.  We recommend the Urban Protective Sun Cream with SPF 40 PA++, capable of restoring balance, improving skin elasticity, and bringing out radiance from within to achieve crystal clear skin. Unlike other regular sunscreens, this sunscreen provides SPF protection while moisturizing and brightening the skin. Selected extracts from flowering plants prevent skin fatigue leaving your skin looking flawless.  These nourishing extracts help prevent skin fatigue from exposure to UV rays. Say goodbye to premature aging signs caused by sun damage. 

Eye Cream

korean antiaging skincare regime

Your eyes become prone to sagging and wrinkling with age. An intensively nourishing and reparative eye care routine will get your eyes sparkling again in no time.

It’s never too late to start the Korean skincare regime to prolong the skin aging effect by choosing the right anti-aging products.

Despite several anti-aging products being available today, Korean skincare still top the charts on everyone’s preferred choice. Additionally, drinking plenty of water, minimizing alcohol intake and junk food, following a healthy diet with a good night’s sleep is essential to achieving healthy skin. 

Take your pick from our products here to retain youthful-looking skin now! 

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