Cold Plazma Whitening Cream


Whitens & illumiinates.

dr. dream® Cold Plazma Whitening Serum contains 2 key ingredients, Plazma and Multi Growth Factor (MFG).

Plazma, which is the base ingredient, is derived from a two-step ferment filtering technology. It is capable of restoring balance, improving skin elasticity and bringing out radiance from within to achieve crystal clear skin.

The second key ingredient, MGF (Multi-Growth Factors: EGF, aFGF, bFGF, IGF-1, KGF, VEGF) effectively promotes the stimulation of collagen in the skin, restoring its softness and suppleness. It also stimulates production of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a critical anti-oxidant enzyme which helps to restore the skin’s protective functions and control oxygen free radicals from advancing the skin aging process.


Cold Plazma Whitening Cream

Whitens & Illuminates

Uneven skin tone, age spots, and hyperpigmentation can make your skin appear dry, dull, and dark. Address any skin imperfection with Dr.Dream® Cold Plazma Whitening Cream.  This fairness cream packs a power punch of ingredients that bring out radiance from within to achieve a glass skin effect.

Growth Factors and unique antioxidants effectively promote the stimulation of collagen and help shield the skin from free radical damage. Whitening cream is a must-have product in the Korean skincare routine as it reduces stubborn dark spots and creates a healthy-looking, clear complexion.

What is inside?

100% Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate “Plazma”

Plazma, which is the key ingredient, is derived from a two-step ferment filtering technology. This nourishing ingredient helps to control PH balance, deeply moisturizes, and brightens your skin. Not only that, Galactomyces helps to removes dead skin cells naturally, resulting in softer and smoother skin.

Multi-Growth Factors

High concentrations of Multi-Growth Factors, including EGF, aFGF, bFGF, IGF-1, KGF, and VEGF, promote skin regeneration and renewal. When applied topically, growth factors stimulate collagen and elastin production. Both of these fibers improve skin elasticity, reduce visible wrinkles and fine lines. Multi-growth factors play a crucial part in maintaining healthy skin structure and function.

Superoxide Dismutase

Superoxide dismutase is a powerful antioxidant enzyme that promotes a youthful complexion by repairing damaged skin cells and defending against free radical damage. Added to skincare products, this guardian antioxidant enzyme protects your skin against visible signs of aging.

How to use?

With clean fingers or with the spatula provided, take a small amount and gently pat and smooth it over the face after your serum/essence steps. Apply twice daily in the morning and evening for optimal results. Follow up with a Dr. Dream® Hydramemory Deep Active Moisturizer to help retain nutrients and active ingredients gained from previous skin treatment steps.

Dr. Dream® Cold Plazma Whitening Cream has no synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial pigment, ethanol, or petroleum oil. Dr. Dream® products undergo dermatological testing. As a result, the plazma cream does not cause the skin to get irritated or inflamed

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