Anti-Aging Serums: Korean Skincare Routine Explained

Anti ageing serums

It can be frustrating when you follow your skin care regimen religiously every single night but could not achieve clear glowing skin, despite many products were tried. One of the most common misconceptions that many have fall prey to is that one must apply a 10-step long skincare routine to add glow to your face. No doubts that are some facts to it. Most of the time, many have also ignored the important point of choosing the right active ingredient according to the skin needs.

Over the years, Korean skincare has gained popularity and is recognized by many. The Korean beauty approach has always been innovative and this is why it has been applauded by many skincare experts all over the world. 


One of the key elements that have won the hearts of the consumers of K-beauty products is the use of Serums. One of the uniqueness is the use of skincare serum which is a step to apply after cleansing. As serums are made up of smaller molecules hence it has the ability to penetrate the product more deeply into the skin, thus rejuvenating the skin from within. That is when high concentration active ingredients are incorporated into the serum making it a great tool in delivering effective skin results.

Skincare serum effect   

What is pertinent to keep in mind is that the function of a Serum is not the same as that of a regular Moisturizer. A lot of people confuse these two products with one another. It is often group together as the same function. Well, it is yes and no. While moisturizer is often in a rich and creamier texture to create a barrier on top of the skin lock in the goodness within. But serum on the other hand has a high concentration of active ingredient prepared in a small molecule for greater skin penetration to ramp up its efficacy result.

Serums tend to be more concentrated in their active ingredients, these emollient gel-like formulations often contain gentle yet powerful active ingredients that are extremely targeted when it comes to treating certain skin conditions, such as wrinkles, dark spots, and dryness which is commonly encountered during skin aging.

Here we shall introduce you to one of the recommended best-seller Korean skincare products! 

Advanced Facial Treatment Serum

Dr Dream Advanced Facial Treatment Serum

Advanced Facial Treatment Serum, packed with multi-growth factors that effectively promote skin healing and collagen production, thereby improving skin elasticity and texture. But what are growth factors? And how do they work? Growth factors are basically mediators that are present throughout your body and mediate maintenance and repair systems.  Advanced Facial Treatment Serum, which is packed with growth factors, is relatively safe and well-tolerated by all skin types. It is best for damaged, dull, or mature skin though. When it comes to mature skin, growth factors are considered to be an alternative for retinols for people whose skin cannot tolerate irritation or strong active ingredients. The fact that this serum holds the ability to treat blemishes and sagging skin without causing much damage overshadows every other product in the market and we are definitely loving it!

How to Apply?

After toning your skin with Advanced Facial Treatment Toner, apply two pumps on the palm of your hand and gently smooth over the face and neck. To get optimum results quickly, apply twice daily in the morning and evening.

Cold Plazma Whitening Cream

Dr Dream Cold Plasma Whitening Cream

Cold Plazma Whitening Cream contains two key ingredients; Plazma and Multi Growth Factors. This multitasking powerhouse targets the seven most visible signs of aging: loss of radiance, uneven texture and tone, discoloration, redness, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and some loss of firmness. Plazma is derived from a two-step ferment filtering technology that is capable of improving skin’s elasticity and turgor, bringing out the glow from within to achieve crystal clear skin. Superoxide Dismutase is an essential antioxidant that not only slows down aging, but it also reduces excessive melanin production thereby blessing the user with brightening effects instantly. The second key ingredient, the multi-growth factor effectively promotes collagen production, restoring its softness and youth. The cream has a rich consistency but is so lightweight after application, and leaves with a radiant, seamless finish. The fact that it is hydrating yet not greasy post-application, is exactly why people with oily skin type absolutely adore this product.

How to Apply?

Use a spatula and take a pea-size amount. Warm the cream on your palm and gently smooth all over the face and neck. To get the maximum benefits out of it, make sure you use it twice daily and spread the formulation over the skin evenly.

Korean skincare products are lauded for their skin-perfecting powers. If you find yourself a bit intimidated by the notoriously complicated skincare arsenals, try introducing one product at a time. Once you start noticing the effects, you can add another product into your routine gradually. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all when your skin is concerned. Let us know your favorite go-to K-beauty products in the comments down below. We would love to know!

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