First time getting a glass skin facial

The Korean wave in the skincare domain has been like a recent revolution. Korean skincare has made truly remarkable changes and is here to last. The variety of products offering numerous solutions to various skincare issues have taken over the cosmetic industry and is more than just a fad. 

Over time, Korean skincare is making a massive change in the way we think and care for our skin by adding novel products, knowledge, and techniques from traditional Korean skincare secrets. With the magic of Korean formulated products and steps, you can also have flawlessly bright and gorgeous skin like the glass-skinned Korean women. So, what is the way to the Korean glass skin? 

Come let’s start from the basics. 


What is the Korean glass skin?

As the name suggests, Korean glass skin refers to skin quality and complexion so bright, pore-less, hydrated, and smooth that its translucency resembles the look of glass.

Korean glass skin is characterized by healthy and moist skin, devoid of any roughness, blemishes, dryness, and bumps. This gives a youthful glow and revitalizes your skin from the roots. It is attained by a skincare routine consisting of systematic techniques and specific products to assist skin rejuvenation with each step. 

The Korean glass skin is a dream of many women all around. It is what we, at Dr. Dream Dermatological skincare, do. We aspire to assist in your desired glass skin look with our specially curated beauty products, regimes, and Korean skincare programs. We understand your skin needs and deliver the best to make your skin youthful inside out. We are here to fulfill your Korean glass skin dreams with our professional products. 


The Korean glass skin Facial 

Korean glass skincare is an orderly procedure with an elaborate routine. It asks for time, patience, consistency, and your true will. Dr. Dream skincare specializes in bringing to you a range of Korean skincare products assisting in your venture of achieving youthful skin.

Glass skin facial mask

Things you should know for your first Glass Skin facial:

Well, if this is your first time trying a glass skin facial; just remember that it is an elaborate process of cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, and beautifying your skin from within. This Korean skincare routine is non-invasive and you can do it yourself at home!

With Dr. Dream skincare’s dedicated products you can go through the entire step-by-step glass skin facial with promising results.

Korean 10 step skincare


What are the steps involved? 

Korea skincare face cleansing

  1. Double-cleansing 

Cleansing is the first step to Korean glass skin. For the double-cleansing step, use gentle oil-based and water-based cleansing creams or gels to get rid of any dirt or buildup in the skin.

For best results, you can use the Hydramemory Deep Cleansing Foam. This contributes to pores that are free of dirt, oils, products, and body fluid build-ups. Moreover, the subtle nature of this cleansing foam ensures that the skin is not stripped of its natural oils. 

  1. Exfoliation 

To keep the deep cleansing process active, it is necessary to exfoliate often. This is the main step to remove dead and dry skin cells and unclog the pores. 

It is better to rely on gentle natural exfoliators to avoid excessive abrasion. 

Korean face toning

  1. Using a toner 

A toner brings in hydration after the cleansing and exfoliating processes. It enriches your skin with better absorption of products. 

Our Advanced facial treatment toner helps to restore elasticity with proper moisturization. It aims to smoothen and tighten skin by correcting skin pH and rehydrating. Just two pumps of this professionally curated toner will help in taking you closer to your dewy plum skin from home.

  1. Adding Essence 

Essences are unique to Korean skincare. They are light water-based hydrating products targeting several skin issues alongside moisturizing. Essences enrich and encourage good retention of the further glass skin facial products. 

Korean skin serums

  1. Ampoules and skin serums

These are safe concentrated products aimed to enhance collagen formation and nourishment. Serums contain vitamins, retinoids, and hyaluronic acid to treat aging, irritation, and roughness.

Our advanced facial treatment serum checks all the boxes to give you the glass skin look. It contains active ingredients offering total care and skin protection.

Korean skin moisturiser

  1. Moisturizing 

Moisturizing is key to translucent luminous skin. Skin hydration is necessary throughout the day and this is achieved by moisturization. Stick to light and absorbent formulas throughout the day to keep the skin supple.

You can also resort to our Cold Plazma whitening cream after the serum process for extra protection and growth stimulation. It vitalizes in-depth to give you a crystal clear look.

Korean eye cream

  1. Eye-cream

This one is a rather uncommon but crucial step to skincare. The skin around the eye is sensitive and more fragile. It needs extra care and products that target puffiness, dark circles, under-eye bags, lines, and wrinkles. 

Korean sunscreen

  1. Sun-screening 

Korean skincare can’t stress this enough! Sunscreen is absolutely essential for a glass skin look. 

Our expert-made Urban Protective Sun Cream SPF 40 PA++ protects your skin against spots, redness, lines, etc. caused by sun damage. Besides, it also illuminates and moisturizes to take you closer to the Korean glass skin. 

Korean face mask

  1. Face Masks

Face masks are many vital nutrients that moisturize, calm, and repair damaged skin. There are numerous ingredients used in sheet masks to target various skin issues.

Get our Rose of Jericho Stem Cell Gold mask to get the advantage of the loaded active ingredients like plant-based goodness for moisturizing and brightening and gold hydrogel to lock in all the nourishment.


We have created all the products keeping in mind the efficiency of Korean glass skin facial regimes. It is exceptionally curated to suit and satisfy with easy use and effectiveness. You can get these products today to get started with your new beauty routine at home.

For good maintenance in glassy skin, it is crucial to invest your time in skincare by engaging in monthly facial for full results. Microdermabrasion and light peel, keeping your skin fresh and healthy while accomplishing your skin goals

Besides a holistically healthy physical and diet routine, Dr. Dream helps keep your bag of Korean skincare essentials ready.

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