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The evolution of Korean skincare has brought various changes in the ways we look at keeping our skin healthy and glowing. Korean skincare has modified traditional skincare routines and added new innovations with advanced research, beneficial formulas, and techniques that enable skincare to target the skin from deep within.

One of the key steps of any skincare routine is to protect your skin from prolonged sun exposure. Korean skincare pays extra attention to sun protection. They value sun protection as one of the necessary healthcare considerations and not just for skin care. Several new and innovative K beauty formulas aim at making sunscreens that not only offer protection from the damage that solar radiation causes but also keep the skin radiant and glowing.

What does the sun do to your skin?

Most people must have heard about the necessity of sun protection everywhere. But why do we need this sun protection?

The effects of the heat and rays from the sun can be damaging to your skin health as well as glow. Neglecting these effects and prolonged exposure to the sun worsen skin health.

The harsh rays of the sun potentially darken your skin and also slow down the pace of skin regeneration, hence causing the skin to age prematurely. Periods from 10 am to 2 pm are the most intense. Continuous exposure to the sun, directly or indirectly, can cause minor as well as significant skin issues, varying from temporary burns and tans to permanent wrinkles and cancer growth.

One of the most harmful impacts of the sun’s rays is Photoaging. It is the premature skin aging brought on due to the sun. The UV rays that impact the skin are made up of 2 waves – UVA and UVB. 

UVA UVB sun protection

UVA – this type of rays affects the skin from the outer layer till deep inside the dermis of the skin. It is also responsible for reducing the elasticity of the skin, slowing collagen formulation, and disrupting circulation to the skin by damaging the blood capillaries. 

UVB – these rays are directly responsible for damaging the outer layer of skin –the epidermis. This causes more intense effects like sunburns and visible effects of Photoaging. 

UVB rays are generally lesser on cloudy and winter days, whereas the UVA rays are always there. Hence, sun protection is to be included daily.

These rays upon interacting with the skin, damage its DNA. To protect from this damage, the cells in the dermis layer of our skin scramble to produce melanin in the epidermis layer. This process gives rise to tanning, which is just your skin’s attempt to obstruct the radiation from penetrating the skin.

prevent sun damage skin

The common effects of sun damage include:

  • Wrinkles and line on the skin
  • Uneven pigmentation 
  • Spots
  • Rough texture
  • Loose and inelastic skin
  • Redness 
  • Pain and blistering

For more serious cases, UV exposure is cumulative and increases your skin cancer risk over time. It is essentially needed to protect the skin from such harmful effects from the sun. 

What are the benefits of using Sunscreen?

Using sunscreen is one of the best methods to protect your skin against sun damage. 

Korean sunscreen focuses on keeping the skin protected from harmful UV rays and provides extra nourishment to enhance the radiance of the skin. 

Sunscreen formulas work to cover a wide array of problems brought on by sun exposure. They are available in a variety of forms like – sprays, creams, sticks, powder, etc. Sunscreens are found in two varieties: Chemical Sunscreens and Physical Sunscreens

types of sunscreen

  • Chemical Sunscreens are made by combining a variety of effective and safe chemicals that work to degrade and weaken the sun’s rays. They absorb the sunlight and react by transforming the UV rays into heat, which is later released from the skin. They are generally lightweight. 


  • Physical Sunscreens, also known as mineral sunscreens, create an impenetrable shield and deflect sunlight. They are usually made out of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that create a physical block and are also suitable on sensitive skin. These formulas tend to be heavier inconsistency.

Sunscreens do the job of preventing the skin from harm, and hence, it is vital to wear them every day. Be it a quick run at the nearest store or a full day out in the sun, stick to your SPF. The little periods can add to the accumulation of damaging factors. Thus, consistent sun protection prevents premature aging of the skin.

Choosing a Sunscreen

These are the important factors that need to be kept in mind when choosing an SPF sunscreen product. Here’s what you should look for:

  1. Studies reveal that SPF levels indicate how long and how well your skin is protected. PA ratings, on the other hand, represent the product’s ability to protect from UVA rays. Higher labeled SPFs often extend the same level of protection. Although, using too high SPFs may give rise to skin clogging. Hence, an SPF35 with PA++ is a sufficient ranking for regular activities.
  2. Choose a wide-spectrum sunscreen. This refers to sunscreen SPFs that protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Generally, sunscreens only protect against UVB radiation. The skin however requires protection from both. 
  3. Choose SPFs that are water-resistant. These are long-lasting and are made to tolerate water activities like swimming. They stay for longer and do not wash away with sweat. 
  4. Find a less drying formula to ensure hydration. Go for gentle products that are safe on the skin. 

Dr Dream urban protective sun cream SPF 40 Pa++

The Dr. Dream Urban Protective Sun Cream SPF 40 Pa++ checks off all the boxes. Dr. Dream is a Korean Dermatological skincare brand extending one of the best Korean formulas curated by many medical experts. 

The Urban Protective Sun Cream consists of extracts from specific flowering plants that nourish against skin fatigue and hydrate the skin.

Moreover, the combination of ingredients used is mild, effective, and non-greasy, making it fit for daily wear. This sunscreen maximizes the efficiency of sun protection with power gel technology. It is formulated to suit all skin types and is gentle. The product is free from artificial preservatives, fragrance, ethanol.

It is helpful to keep the skin looking bright, moist, and fresh even during vigorous activities. Dr. Dream specializes in vitalizing the skin from health aspects to arouse natural radiance.

With advancements in dermatological research and leading Anti-aging inventions, Dr. Dream focuses on extending a line of products that complete the skincare strategy. Beautify your skin internally to reach your ideal healthy glowing skin.

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In 2008, a leading group of medical experts specialising in dermatology and plastic surgery debuted their brainchild at Dream Medical Group in Seoul: Dr. Dream Dermatological Skin Care.

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