Korean skincare this summer

With the change of seasons and temperatures, skincare routines also seem to demand some adjustments. We have all experienced heated and greasy, uncomfortable summer skin. Along with the heat and humidity in the air, it may get tough to feel and look fresh.

In hotter climatic conditions, your skin textures may start feeling as well as looking different – the otherwise regular or dry skin may start to feel oily due to the increased sebum production. These excess oils in the face make oily skin look greasier and dry skin appears patchy and rough. You may even start noticing excessive acne, redness, hyperpigmentation, irritability, etc. This is an indication that you need to shift to other skincare routines that suffice the summer needs. 

What skin changes do you face during summers? Does your skincare routine fulfill your summer skin requirements? 

skincare routine in summer

Why is a specific summer skincare routine important?

With the onset of the summer months, our skin starts reacting differently to cope with the climate. The pores on the face open up more to release heat from the body. This leads to more oils, dirt, dead skin cells, and products getting trapped in the pores. These clogged pores become growing grounds for bacteria. Eventually, leading acne and breakouts, which is more frequent in summers. 

On the other hand, the sun that is hotter and brighter can also harshly affect the skin making it more prone to sunburns and redness. Over-exposure and insufficient sun protection also contribute to premature skin aging.

Winter skincare routines often consist of thicker creams to keep the moisture locked for longer. However, continuing these heavy formulas in the summers can clog your pores and getting the dead skin trapped within the skin.         

The body hormones also tolerate and react to heat differently. These internal disturbances can also be reasons for skin breakouts and discomfort that can keep you away from the radiant and youthful-looking skin in summers. 

Korean skincare routine to look and feel your best this summer

So what should you be doing to keep your skin glowing even in summers? Well, the Korean-derived skincare routines have a solution to your questions. It all lies in following steps of skincare with the right products:

  1. Cleanse 

Face cleansing becomes more crucial. It is advised to cleanse your face twice daily. Spend a whole minute going over the face and neck. It removes all the excess oils, creams, makeup, dirt, and impurities from the face and avoids accumulation in the pores.

Moreover, go for formulas that balance the skin pH and gel type cleanser if your skin is oily type. Use milder formulas that do not trigger sensitive skin or infuriate breakouts. 

peeling gel skin exfoliation

  1. Exfoliation

Exfoliation can have deep cleansing benefits that remove dead cells and grime. Don’t forget to exfoliate 1-2 times a week and use natural and mild formulas instead of mechanical abrasives that irritate the skin. 

face serum anti-aging

  1. Serums and masks 

These extended Korean skincare facial steps can be for your night skincare routines. Serums, ampoules, essences, and masks are enriched with hydrating and concentrated healthy active ingredients that focus on skin issues like aging. Serums can be used right before moisturizing.

Overnight masks often contain beneficial combinations of ingredients that refine the pores and add nourishment. It’s better to invest in it throughout the night for timed absorption and repair of the skin. You will wake up looking glowy and feeling fresh.

  1. Eye-creams

Korean skincare understands the distinct and delicate needs of skin around the eyes. They are more susceptible to oilseed during summers. A non-greasy eye cream to the eye area can prevent these issues. 

moisturizer hydrating light weight

  1. Moisturize right

Using hydrating lightweight formulas that are non-greasy and non-comedogenic can help to keep the skin hydrated and prevent it from clogging the skin. Thicker creams can clog pores and induce acne when using on oily skin.

Moisturization may seem unreasonable if your skin gets oily during the summer, right? But, excess oils on the skin are a sign that your skin is dry.

Moreover, the harsh summer heat can dehydrate the skin. Moisturizing with a mild formula keeps the skin safer as well. Skipping the moisturizer can make your skin more vulnerable to dehydration, flakiness, irritation, etc. 

Stick to natural ingredients with aloe, glycerin, etc. to keep it light yet effective. 

  1. Sunscreen 

It is obvious to protect yourself from the sun’s rays better during summers. In summers, the UVB rays are direct and severe. They are responsible for causing burns and irritations on the outer skin layers. Besides, UVA rays are omnipresent despite the climate. They are causes for pigmentation and aging skin.

Make sure you wear a broad-spectrum SPF that protects from both these rays. Choose water-resistant sunscreen if you are heading for water activities. Always apply it before stepping out and carry it with you for reapplication after every 2 hours. Don’t miss out on your neck, shoulders, hands, and feet. 

Some more tips for the summer:

  1.  Keep yourself hydrated 

Keep yourself hydrated

Your body needs more hydration in the heat. We tend to lose more moisture from the body in summers, thus, keeping full-on water protects us from dehydration. Drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day.

Moreover, drinking lots of water helps to flush away the toxins in the body. This is also good for the skin and keeps it clean and plump.

  1. Keep the skin cool

Cold showers are a great way to release heat from the body. Coldwater on the skin not only feels relaxing but also soothes the skin. Hot showers, on the other hand, can dehydrate and encourage redness and irritation.

  1. Cool your products 

Cool your products

You can even choose to keep your products in the refrigerator for a better cooling experience.

  1. Choose safe products

Choose products according to your skin sensitivity. Go for ones without artificial fragrances. Perfumes can be aggravating acne and troubled skin.

  1. Go low on makeup 

Stick to light and simple makeup during summers. Heavy layering can clog the skin pores and gather up dirt that sticks onto the thick makeup.

  1. Eat healthily

Bringing changes to your diets also contributes to skin benefits. Summers are best-known for their juicy and cooling fruits. Stock up on veggies and avoid too oily or sugary foods. Nutrients to the body also help the skin.

With the days getting longer and hotter, you need to prepare your bag of skincare for the summer stay. Use the right Korean skincare regimens and tips to enjoy good skin days. Make sure to keep the skin protected, healthy, and glowing while you enjoy your staycations and beach trips this summer too.

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