Advanced Facial Treatment Toner


Soothes & balances

dr. dream® Advanced Facial Treatment Toner makes your skin soft and smooth by balancing the pH, and moisture in your skin. In addition, this product primes the skin, improving its permeability to aid absorption of active ingredients.

The patented ingredient enhances skin elasticity, and the ‘Dream Nanogen Wrinkle Grinding Complex’ formulated under the expertise of Dr. Dream Inc. results in a brighter, more vitalized and overall healthier complexion.

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Advanced Facial Treatment Toner

Soothes and tightens the skin

A proper Korean skincare routine requires cleansing and toning. Toners ensure that any last trace of debris is properly removed and prepares skin for the next step in the product. Create a soft and smooth complexion with Dr. Dream® Advanced Facial Treatment Toner.

This quick-absorbing, lightweight formula uses a mixture of gentle ingredients that aid in balancing the skin’s pH levels and moisturizing your skin. The patented ingredient called Dream Nanogen Wrinkle Grinding Complex enhances skin elasticity and prevents premature skin aging.

What is inside?

Multi-growth factors 0.35 mg.

Dr.Dream® Advanced Facial Treatment Toner contains six types of multi-growth factors that promote skin regeneration and renewal. When applied topically, growth factors 0.35mg stimulate collagen and elastin production. Both of these fibers improve skin elasticity, reduce visible wrinkles and fine lines. Multi-growth factors play a crucial part in maintaining healthy skin structure and function.

Dream Nanogen Wrinkle Grinding Complex.

Dream Nanogen Wrinkle Grinding Complex was developed by our top-notch skin experts in Dr. Dream Inc. This exclusive innovation reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by oxygen free radicals. It also enhances the skin penetration ability for more effective results in anti-aging skincare.


Panthenol, also known as provitamin B5, is a very popular ingredient in Korean skincare. Its youth-extending properties dispense significant healing properties and improve the healing of epidermal wounds. When used topically, Provitamin B5 profoundly moisturizes the skin, reduces itching and inflammation.

How to use?

Once the face is properly cleansed with Hydramemory Deep Cleansing Foam, soak a cotton pad with toner, and gently wipe across face and neck. Use a Dr.Dream Advanced Facial Treatment Serum or a Cold Plazma Whitening Serum to improve skin texture and slow the signs of premature aging.

Dr. Dream® Advanced Facial Treatment Toner has no synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial pigment, ethanol, or petroleum oil. Dr. Dream® products undergo dermatological testing. As a result, the skin toner does not cause the skin to get irritated or inflamed

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