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Hydramemory Deep Active Moisturizer


“Hydrates & soothes.

dr. dream® Hydramemory Deep Active Moisturizer is a moisturizing cream-gel which contains patented extract and various peptides that provide the skin with nutrients. This product also contains bamboo water and birch tree water which effectively protects the skin and provides it with long-lasting moisture.”

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“After applying dr. dream serum or treatment cream, use the spatula and take a pea size amount. Warm the cream on your palm and gently smooth all over the face & neck. Apply twice daily in the morning and evening for optimal results.

During cold weather conditions:
Adjust the amount required and apply over the face and neck. A thicker layer can be applied as an overnight sleeping mask to hydrate and revitalize dehydrated skin.”

What is inside

Contains natural moisturizing agents, as well as bamboo and birtch tree water for its soothing benefits.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 6.3 × 6.3 × 6.5 cm



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