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RE10 Skin Rejuvenation Home Care Device


This homecare device comes with heating, micro-vibration, electrotherapy and 4 types of LED Light Therapy. It comes with Whitening, Anti-ageing and Lifting mode, each with its unique combination and to provide an all-rounder skin rejuvenation solution.



After cleansing, turn on the heating mode and place the device on different areas on your face, working from the forehead to the chin and back up again. Continue the gentle pressing motion on various spots till the device goes off.

Applying the dr dream serum, moisturizer or mask you prefer. Switch to the anti-ageing, whitening or lifting mode to suit your skin care regimen.Use gentle, clockwise circular and upward motions to massage your face till the device goes off.

You can use for up to 5 min per application, twice daily. The device will shut off automatically after approximately 5 minutes. If you use more than one light, do not use the device beyond 20 minutes per use. Avoid using too close to lashline and eye-lid area.

To clean the device, use a damp cloth or antiseptic wipes to wipe the metal probe.

Device operates on rechargeable batteries and it comes with a charging cable.

What is inside

The homecare device comes with Heating, Whitening, Anti-ageing and Lifting modes. Each mode is calibrated with a unique combination of micro-vibration pulse, electrotherapy and LED Lights to address different concerns.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm


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