The Best Korean Skincare Products for Dry, Dehydrated, and Flaky Skin You Need to Now

Mouisturizer for dry, dehydrated, and flaky skin

Dry, dehydrated, and flaky skin are never fun to deal with. They can be uncomfortable and itchy, cause your makeup to go on poorly, and may even be a symptom of something wrong internally (think vitamin deficiencies and general dehydration). Dealing with dry or flaky skin is normal, but that doesn’t mean you have to endure it – there are plenty of avenues to help remedy the problem. It’s important to know what is causing your skin to be dehydrated, dry, or flaky, and then explore the solutions, as well as invest in the right products. Many solutions and products are thanks to traditional Korean skincare methods, which are notoriously effective and absolutely our recommendation.


Dry skin can be caused by numerous sources. One of the most common reasons for dealing with dry skin is genetics. For some of us, our skin naturally doesn’t produce an abundance of oils, and that’s simply because of what’s been passed down through genetics. This can be frustrating, and you can’t permanently change your skin type, but you can absolutely keep it hydrated. Another main reason you could be dealing with dry skin is because of external environmental factors. Maybe you live in a dry climate, or perhaps the season is changing, and your skin is getting reacclimated. You could be living in a highly polluted area, or you may even be accidentally stripping your skin off the natural oils that it so desperately needs. The third cause of your dry skin is internal deficiencies. Your water intake and body’s general hydration do directly affect your skin’s hydration. You could also be deficient in important nutrients, and your body is reacting by drying out your skin. Most commonly, this is related to a lack of healthy fats in one’s diet. Dry, dehydrated, and flaky skin has loads of sources, but luckily, they also have loads of solutions.


Now that you’ve narrowed down what’s causing your skin to be so dry and flaky, it’s time to take action. It’s important to note that many of our remedies are rooted in traditional Korean skincare methods. Korean skincare is accepted as the best of the best, and this remains true when it comes to facilitating dry, dehydrated, flaky skin. 


Here are our top Korean Skincare solutions for dry and dehydrated skin: 

  • Start with exfoliating

This may seem counterintuitive, but it’s crucial to sluff off that flaky, dead skin in order to focus on the healthy skin underneath. Make sure you’re gentle when exfoliating, as the goal is to get rid of the bad skin, not to harm the good.

  • Drink more water

Whether dehydration is the culprit behind your skin problems or not, upping your water intake will always be good for your skin (and health). Get a few more glasses in each day, your skin and body will both thank you.

Korean skincare skin hydration

  • Moisturize often

Your skin may need some extra love in the skincare department, so make sure you’re moisturizing regularly with a topical cream. Use the moisturizer in the morning and evening and reapply throughout the day as necessary.

  • Incorporate a toner

If your skin is dry, it’s possible that its pH is off. Toner aids in balancing the skin’s pH, so this step could be incredibly helpful.

  • Grab a serum

These are often potent and result in soft, plump skin, as they contain ample vitamins and nutrients. Serums can give your dry skin the extra love it needs.


When treating dry, dehydrated, or flaky skin, keep in mind that no solution is ever one size fits all. It may take a few tries to find what your skin needs, and it’s likely that a combination of these solutions is optimal for you. Finding what’s right for you can be a frustrating process, but supple, hydrated skin is always worth it. 

As far as products go, we have a handful of items we suggest. With so many options out there regarding moisturizers, toners, serums, and so on, it’s difficult to know what to choose. Which ones can be trusted? And what’s the difference between all of these choices? Thankfully we’ve taken out the guesswork for you. 


These are our favorite products for battling dry, dehydrated, flaky skin:


Dr. Dream Advanced Facial Treatment Toner

  1. Dr. Dream® Advanced Facial Treatment Toner
  • What it is: A pH-balancing liquid that adds moisture. Swipe it across the face after cleansing and exfoliating.
  • Why it works: Toner is among the options for dry skin solutions, and this one is particularly notable as it adds moisture and smooths out skin- dry, flaky areas included.

Dr. Dream Advanced Facial Treatment Serum

  1.  Dr. Dream® Advanced Facial Treatment Serum
  • What it is: A nutrient-rich serum that contains multi growth factors.
  • Why it works: The serum enhances collagen production and has been proven to leave skin soft and supple. 

Dr. Dream Cold Plasma Whitening Cream.

  1. Dr. Dream® Cold Plazma Whitening Cream. 
  • What it is: A moisturizing lotion that contains multi-growth factors and plazma. Use in your regular skincare routine and as needed.
  • Why it works: This topical moisturizer soothes dry patches and hydrates the skin from within.

Dr. Dream Hydramemory Deep Active Moisturizer

  1. Dr. Dream® Hydramemory Deep Active Moisturizer.
  • What it is: A gel moisturizer that includes bamboo water and birch tree water. 
  • Why it works: This gel gives long-lasting moisture as well as topical protection from environment-induced dryness. 


With these products by Dr. Dream®, you can’t fail. Each one is made of the highest quality ingredients and is formulated by highly qualified doctors and experts. They’ll all aid in hydrating your skin, and as a bonus, incorporated with anti-aging properties, too. 

Having dry, dehydrated, and flaky skin is an agony. However, with proper skincare practices, it is possible to improve this condition. If you’re able to get to the root of the issue, you’re already halfway there. Be sure to give multiple solutions a try, and explore new products, too. You’ll be surprised at what Korean skincare methods can do for all aspects of your skin’s health and appearance.

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