The Best-of-the-Best Korean Sunscreen For Dry Skin You Need to Try

Korean sunscreen for dry skin

As a society, we are finally starting to wake up to the fact that sunscreen is a necessity, day in and day out. Sunscreen is not simply an addition to your skincare routine during the summer, or for a beach day, or for outdoor activities. Sunscreen is a non-negotiable step in your skincare routine. Every expert and dermatologist agrees, protecting your skin from the sun should be one of your biggest priorities not only in the quest to prevent signs of aging but to protect from skin cancer as well. If you’ve been looking for the best Korean sunscreen to add to your morning routine, the Dr. Dream Urban Protective Sunscreen is it. Whether your skin is dry, super-sensitive or you simply love lightweight Korean products this 40 SPF by Dr. Dream is for you.

Why You Need to Be Using Sunscreen

sunscreen for dry skin

First up, a quick refresher on why you absolutely need to be including sunscreen in your routine, just in case you’re not convinced. The sun can cause damage to our skin in several ways. UVA rays are the longer wavelength that reaches deep into the skin, physically causing changes to the collagen in our skin, while UVB rays are shorter and mainly affects the very top layer of our skin. Combined, these are the main culprits of wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. Both types of rays, however, can penetrate a human’s DNA, leading to potential mutations and upping the risk of skin cancer. What many of us consider to be a healthy-looking tan, is actually our bodies trying to protect their own DNA by producing melanin, the pigment that makes us appear tan. 

Sunscreen and Dry Skin

If you are attempting to add sunscreen to your morning skincare routine but uncertain how to pick a suitable one for your skin. Or you have dry or sensitive skin you might have noticed that some sunscreens are making your dry skin worse. 

Mineral sunscreens like zinc oxide, though effective when it comes to sun protection, can further dry out the skin. Since zinc is a mild astringent, it works to remove excess oil from the skin. This is fine if you have oily or combination skin, but dry skin doesn’t usually benefit from such mineral sunscreens.

Chemical sunscreens are another way to go and are our personal favorite, but many of them contain alcohol, another ingredient that sucks the skin of its natural moisture. Alcohol can also irritate sensitive skin types. 

Not to mention, if you are spending actual time outside in the sun, the heat from the sun itself can also deplete the skin of its natural oils, not only drying the skin but potentially leading to more fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr Dream urban protective sunscreen

Dr. Dream Urban Protective Sunscreen

So what should dry and sensitive skin types use for sun protection? Dr. Dream Urban Protective Sunscreen is one of the best Korean sunscreens that has garnered many good reviews. This anti-aging sunscreen provides 40 SPF protection while also moisturizing and brightening the skin. This sunscreen is a gel that not only maximizes SPF efficiency and it also doesn’t leave a white cast or a greasy feel behind. It provides a seamless canvas on which to layer makeup and feels weightless when used alone. The Dr. Dream Urban Protective Sunscreen isn’t just for dry or sensitive skin types, however. Anyone who enjoys lightweight and Korean products will love this sunscreen. 

How to Correctly Apply Sunscreen

Finally, in order to get the most out of your sunscreen, you need to be applying it correctly! The biggest mistake most people make is not applying enough or not re-applying enough. A daily sunscreen should always be SPF 30 or above and the best time to apply is a part of your morning skincare routine – as the last step. The AAD and FDA suggest using approximately two milligrams of sunscreen per square centimeter of skin. For the face, this means about one-half of a teaspoon or two finger-lengths full. As far as reapplying is concerned, if you are indoors all day, this one application in the morning is probably enough. If you are outside in direct sunlight or on a car ride you should attempt to reapply every two hours and if you are at the beach, sweating or swimming you should reapply even more often than that.

Sunscreen is a critical step in sun protection but you can support this goal by taking extra precautions. When outside, try to stay in shaded areas as much as possible, wear sun-safe or UV-protective clothing, and put on a wide-brimmed hat. You can also try to avoid sun exposure during the most intense UV rays hours, between 10 am and 4 pm, and don’t forget your sunglasses!

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