Premature skin aging

With time, our body starts to age and so does our skin. Our skin, which we desire to see glowing, glossy, and youthful throughout, slowly starts to lose its brightness and roughens over time. The aging of the skin is a natural process caused by several underlying factors, some internal and others external. 

These various factors start to affect your skin and make it dull, itchy, sag, blemished, and wrinkled. Aging not only influences the appearance of the skin but also makes it more vulnerable to skin issues like – sensitivity to heat, light, and products.

However, it is possible to prevent untimely aging by learning about the causes of premature skin aging and treating it from the roots. Starting early means you can reserve all the skin better for longer.

Types of aging

The two types of skin aging

The aging of the skin is a natural process. It occurs with time and affects all layers of the skin directly or indirectly, especially the outer epidermis. There are 2 types of aging:

Intrinsic aging – this type of skin aging is dominated by genetic factors and bodily changes like hormonal status, oxidative stress, tissue damage, slowed cell turnover and collagen formation, etc. 

Extrinsic aging – outer factors like sun exposure, smoking, pollution, etc. are the major contributors to the external deterioration of skin over time. 

Both these factors are inescapable. But on the brighter side, you can control and prevent your skin from the premature impacts of aging. Starting your dedicated skincare routines early is one of the best ways.

Several skin care methods including Korean skincare routines, formulas, products, etc. aim to target and prevent premature skin aging.

Aging skin skincare regime

Growth factors for Skin Aging

With detailed studies about diet and the human body, scientists have affirmed that what we eat dictates a lot about our health and aging. Generally, after our mid-20s the growth hormone slows down and so does the process of regeneration of skin cells.

This is primarily why the quality of skin starts to deteriorate and the repair gets slower. The role of the growth factor in the skin’s protection against aging is very crucial. Dermatologists and cosmeceutical industries focus on extending growth factor-enriched products. These are proteins embedded into nourishing formulas that help with anti-aging and skin cell regeneration.

FGF (Fibroblast growth factors) are types of protein that target collagen formation and elasticity in the skin. With time, the functioning of fibroblasts also diminishes. Products with induced FGF qualities help in the proliferation of skin cells that encourage anti-aging and repair in the extracellular matrix for healthier youthful skin.

In the dermo-cosmetic industry, the usage of growth factors is done with extensive research and advanced technologies to carry out efficient protein synthesis. Numerous Korean skincare solutions are based on inducing these anti-aging factors into mild and effective skin products that prevent premature aging and contribute to skin healing.

Dr Dream advanced facial treatment serum

Anti-Aging serum for skin

Serums have become an important addition to our Korean skincare routines. These are solutions with concentrated nourishing formulas that aim to resolve specific skin issues. 

Premature aging of the skin is one such issue and Dr. Dream Dermatological skincare has come up with an efficacious solution for it – the Advanced Facial Treatment Serum by Dr. Dream.

With the ‘dream nano gen micro grinding complex’, 6 growth factors are specially combined to promote cellular growth. The concentrated MGF (multi-growth factors like EGF, aFGF, bFGF, KGF, VEGF, and IGF-1) in this product enhances epithelial cell growth and fibroblast growth for collagen and elastin stimulation. Moreover, the expert protein engineered technology active protein functioning. 

This serum leads to the production of an antioxidant – Superoxide Dismutase, which prevents oxygen-free radicals from creating lines and wrinkles. It also restores the protective qualities of the skin, saving it from scars and spots.

This formula is gentle on the skin yet doesn’t compromise on combatting premature aging. The product is also free of artificial fragrances, preservatives, ethanol, and petroleum oil and has no side effects.

Just 2 pumps of this gel serum twice a day will lead you to youthful-looking healthy skin.

Dr. Dream 

Dr. Dream is a team of dermatologists and medical experts who utilize the best Korean skincare methods to come up with scientifically verified and safe products for all skin types. 

Dr. Dream utilizes not just high concentrations but also the best combination of growth factors to tackle aging, wrinkles, lines, etc. With dedicated Research & Development, Dr. Dream envisions extending a wide range of active skincare to nourish skin and make it beautiful from within. 

Other ways to reduce premature skin aging

Other than just focusing on products, you can make lifestyle changes to protect your skin from accelerated skin aging. Here are some tips to preserve the glow and youthfulness:

korean sunscreen

  1. Use sunscreen every day. The UVA and UVB rays of the sun can age and burn your skin causing a rise in skin pigmentation over time. Reapply your sunscreen every two hours. Use broad-spectrum sunscreens over SPF 30. Use sunglasses and hats to prevent harming the delicate face and eye area. If possible wear UV-protected clothes. Don’t forget to use sun-protected lip balm.
  2. Try quitting smoking and drinking. The smoke is harmful and causes wrinkles and dulls complexion. Alcohol, on the other hand, dehydrates the skin and makes it more vulnerable to damage.

korean antiaging moisturizer

  1. Use moisturizers to rehydrate skin from time to time. This is one of the most important steps in the everyday skincare routine as it helps to lock plumpness in the skin.
  2. Always use gentle products that suit your skin. Often, concentrated items can be harsh and cause irritation and burns. 
  3. Use gentle stroke motions on your face. Avoid scrubbing your skin abrasively. Gently massage products on your skin with light pressure with your fingers moving in up and outwards directions. This stimulates circulation and drains clogged lymph.
  4. Eat fresh and drink lots of water. Keeping the body healthy internally reflects on your skin. Fruits and veggies nourish your body and its functions. Drinking enough water keeps the skin moisturized and prevents drying. 
  5. Regular yoga and exercise are also beneficial in improving circulation in the body and strengthening your immune system. 

Keeping the skin youthful is a long-term commitment and needs determination. Skincare is a part of holistic healthy living.

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