Yes, You Can get Glass Skin Face Look at Home

Get glass skin face look at home

Everyone is obsessed with the Korean Glass skin look, and so are we!! It is the crystal-clear glass-like complexion that is spotless is that gave it its name. It is flawless and hydrated. What sets this skincare regime apart is that it heavily relies on hydrating your skin and maintaining the pH balance to give you that glow from within. However, this hard-to-achieve skin can be made possible with various K-beauty products and a diligent 10-step skincare regime :

Double Cleansing

Double cleaning skin regime

It is vital to have a clean canvas when starting your skincare routine, to remove all the dirt, grease, or makeup residue that your face may have. And to that end, double cleansing is a must in Glass’ skin regime. First, cleanse is removing your make-up with an oil-based cleanser. The second cleanse is washing your face with a gentle foam cleanser to remove all impurities and toxins to reveal clean skin. 


The next step in the glass skin regime is to exfoliate your face. However, you must avoid exfoliating every day to avoid drying out your skin. When choosing an exfoliant, it is best to choose a natural exfoliant like a peeling gel that cleanses the skin, exfoliates dead skin cells without being harsh on your skin, unclogs pores, revealing smooth, refreshed, youthful skin.


Toners play a crucial role in removing any residual dirt over your skin and balancing out the pH levels. The key is to use a hydrating toner with refreshing moisture-enhancing ingredients that enhance skin elasticity and hydration. It makes your skin soft and smooth, priming the skin, improving its permeability, and facilitating the absorption of the incoming products. 


Essence is a concentrated blend of anti-oxidant, hydrating, and complexion-enhancing ingredients that speed up cell turnover providing a youthful look. Essence prepares the skin to maximize moisture absorption; hence you must use it every night for hydration. 


Serums are powerhouses of ingredients targeting specific skin concerns like acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydration, etc. It is a staple in the glass skin regime, and its antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals reversing the signs of aging—Advanced Facial Treatment Serum from dr. Dream is a highly concentrated gel-type serum that contains gentle yet powerful ingredients that actively care for the skin, maintaining its health and helping alleviate any skin concerns. 

Eye cream

You can apply an eye cream across the brow and socket bone around the eyes as it is essential to keep this area hydrated to prevent signs of aging. Advanced Eye Treatment Cream contains the patented ingredient that helps prevent the dissolution of elastin, a protein responsible for the skin’s suppleness.


They hydrate the skin, giving it an instant glow. When in prolonged contact with your face, these masks provide hydration and nourishment and soothe your tired skin, locking in the moisture. Not only are they super-hydrating, but they also relax your skin and allow maximum penetration of the vitamins and other nutrients. Applying twice a mask twice a week is enough. The natural ingredients used in Korean masks like avocado, sea kelp, fermented yeast, green tea, snail mucin, etc., are what make them one of a kind.  


korean skin moisturizing cream

When the luminescent look is your ultimate goal, you need a moisturizer that packs maximum hydration as your skin needs to be hydrated for the longest time. 

Backed by decades of scientific advancements, harnessing ancient Korean traditions with its mind-blowing results, it is not difficult to understand why this unique regime is in rage. But if you do not want to achieve this flawless glass skin look without burning a hole in your pocket, you can try to get the glass skin look at home using natural ingredients available right in your home:

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple Cider Vinegar can be used in your skincare regime to rejuvenate dull and pigmented skin. Its acidic properties have bleaching effects, hence help to lighten scars and blemishes. However, apple cider vinegar must never be used without diluting it. It is too strong and may cause damage to your skin. You can mix equal amounts of rose water with apple cider vinegar to dilute it and dab on your scars. Rinse your face after 10minutes. If used once every day, you can see great results within a week!

Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is a natural essential oil containing high levels of vitamins A, E, and Polyunsaturated fatty acids. These have natural healing properties and help in getting rid of scars, blemishes, and marks. It can double up as your serum. You may apply 2-3 drops of rosehip oil on your face after washing your face before going to bed to wake up with a healed, rejuvenated skin. Do not forget to wash your face in the morning. The best thing about Rosehip oil is that it is suitable for all skin types.

Aloe Vera

korean aloe vera skin benefits

The numerous benefits of aloe vera are no secret. It has been used for the improvement of skin for a long time. Aloe vera is known to treat dry and damaged skin effectively and lighten scars. It also hydrates the skin naturally, owing to its high water content. You can simply slice open an aloe vera leaf, scoop out its gel and apply it on your face and wherever you see spots and blemishes. You can rinse it off after 1 hour with warm water. 

Sugar scrub

Since exfoliation is a key step in the glass skin regime, you can use sugar as a scrub instead of buying high-end products. When glassy skin is the result, exfoliation is a step you cannot neglect. What better than this readily available natural scrub?? Sugar acts as an excellent exfoliator, as it removes dead cells and promotes cell turnover. Exfoliation once a week helps increase blood circulation to the skin hence giving you healthy glowing skin!


Honey is yet another natural product you can try at home to get glass skin at home. Raw organic honey contains many antioxidants and nutrients that wonders for our skin. It makes the skin smooth. You can use it with cinnamon powder.

Despite these amazing, easily available-at-home ingredients, Korean Glass Skin is a difficult feat to pull off. You may want to opt for products containing obtained from natural sources instead of harsh chemicals. Dr. Dream could be the best in the market when it comes to products containing natural ingredients without any synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrance, artificial pigment, ethanol, or petroleum oil. Their effective formulations go through rigorous testing for proven results that are visible. Try them yourself to attain the Glass Skin of your dreams! 

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