Follow This 8 Step Skincare Routine for Your Next Zoom Meeting

With the sudden rise of work-from-home, many of us are attending the majority of our meetings virtually these days. But just because we’re not physically showing our faces around the office, doesn’t mean we don’t need to be prepared to face our co-workers through zoom meetings. We still need to have our skincare and makeup on point, looking fresh, professional, and definitely not like we just rolled out of bed. Ready to look your best on video calls? Here is the ultimate 8 step Korean Skincare routine that has disrupted the beauty industry and made dull, dehydrated-looking skin on video calls a thing of the past. 

The Importance of Skincare When Working From Home

work from home skin regime

Having a good skincare routine in place has always been the backbone of great skin, but it is perhaps now more important than ever. Without having to get up and physically go to the office, it is all too easy to forego the common morning routine. (You are still brushing your teeth, right?) Going through your morning skincare routine helps you get into the right mindset for your workday. And with virtual meetings going down on camera, it becomes all the more critical to look put-together and ready to hit the ground running. Follow this 8 step skincare routine the next time you’ve got a day of Zoom calls ahead, a Netflix party, or maybe even a date or two!

  1. Nightly Sheet Mask

Night face mask regime

A Korean Skincare routine is all about hydration, and a fresh face in the morning starts the night before! Treat yourself to a hydrating sheet mask the night prior to a big Zoom meeting to wake up with that tell-tale glow. A face mask is just one of those steps in your beauty ritual that doesn’t feel like a chore, it’s a little extra time for self-care in the name of plump, fresh skin. There are all kinds of sheet masks out there delivering overall hydration and moisturizing but you can also choose one with skin-brightening, redness-relieving, or acne healing properties, depending on your unique skin conditions.  While you’re at it, think about a lip mask too!

  1. Cleanser

The Morning-of routine always starts with a gentle cleanse. Removing any dirt or oil buildup that has accumulated overnight is important before you begin layering your skincare products, and you don’t want any extra oiliness showing on-camera. A gentle cleanser is all you need since you aren’t trying to remove makeup or sunscreen.

  1. Facial Toner or Face Mist

dr. dream Advanced Facial Treatment Toner

Follow your cleanser with a facial toner or face mist. Toner is always the next step after cleansing as it primes the face to receive the active ingredients in your serum while balancing the skin’s pH and adding a dose of moisture. The dr. dream® Advanced Facial Treatment Toner is the perfect choice because it not only makes your skin feel soft and smooth but also can quickly refresh the look of tired or dull skin before you switch on your camera! As a bonus, it can also calm down any skin inflammation you might be experiencing. A quick spritz and you’ll add a bit of healthy shine and, over time, benefit from a visibly brighter and healthier-looking complexion. 

  1. Facial Serum

Dr. Dream Advanced Facial Treatment Serum

A serum is a step that you must not skip when it comes to the Korean Skincare routine. Serums are potent and targeted for specific skincare concerns. No matter what is keeping you from looking your best during your Zoom call- tiredness, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, etc – a serum is how you improve it. If signs of aging are your primary skincare concern – or preventing signs of aging is on your radar, then the Dr. Dream Advanced Facial Treatment Serum is highly recommended! A hefty dose of antioxidants and multi-growth factors, this serum is about protecting and defending the skin while improving collagen production and supporting healthy skin function. 

  1. Cream/Moisturizer

dr. dream Cold Plasma Whitening Cream

Looking great on-screen means your skin needs to be fully hydrated! Hydrated skin looks youthful and well-rested. Drink plenty of water each day to support hydration from the inside out and follow up your serum with a face cream. Good face cream should deliver moisture whilst sealing in the actives from your serum. Additionally, the dr. dream® Cold Plazma Whitening Cream addresses skin imperfections like uneven skin tone, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. If you’re going for the glass skin effect on camera, this whitening cream illuminates skin and brings forth the skin’s natural radiance. 

  1. Sunscreen

I know, I know you’re working from home, inside. But even if you have a single window in your home the sun’s rays can still affect your skin. They can penetrate through windows, even on a cloudy day. Make sure that sunscreen is a part of your morning routine, no matter what your plans are for the day.

  1. Mascara

You don’t need to go full glam for your co-workers, but a quick swipe of a quality mascara can really help to open up and widen the appearance of your eyes… just in case you’re looking a little sleepy this morning. 

  1. Concealer

Round out your look with a cream concealer under your eyes and any other area that needs a bit of attention. The great part of this routine is that you don’t need to do a full face of makeup for your Zoom call, but if you’ve got some under-eye darkness then a hint of concealer should do the trick!

You might be tempted to skip your skincare routine while working from home, but the benefits of hydrated, well-treated skin extend far beyond your confidence during Zoom calls. Keep it up with this 8 step Korean Skincare routine and your skin will thank you!

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