What is Dull Skin: 8 Surprising Causes & Korean Skin Care Routine

What is dull skin?

One of the many great aspects of the Korean skincare routine is that it can help you improve dull, tired-looking skin. After all, there is a good reason why Korean skincare has become so popular lately – it focuses on prevention and the products are super hydrating and full of high-quality ingredients.

But before you rush out to buy Korean skincare products – as many as you can fit into your bag and budget – think about what your skin really needs. Yes, quality anti-aging serums and restoring moisturizers can make a huge difference. But a lot of the time just the products are not enough.

An effective dull skin treatment needs to include more than just slathering on layers of brightening, rejuvenating skincare. You need a targeted approach that can treat your skin both on the outside and from the inside. 

Here are some crucial points that can make or break a routine meant to treat dull facial skin…

Dull Skin Treatment – 8 Common Causes and Solutions

  1. You are not using the right products

skin care solution

This applies to more than just checking out if the label says the product is suitable for your skin type. You need good quality products. In the best-case scenario, low-quality products will not help your skin be at its best. In the worst-case scenario – they can be pretty damaging.

Though the price is not always a good reflection of quality, when it comes to skincare, you usually get what you paid for. And what is more worth the investment than your face?

  1. You are dehydrated

dehydrated skin

An only well-hydrated skin can look bright and healthy. Skin dehydration is amongst the most common causes of dull-looking skin. Lack of water can make you look grayish and tired and it can even speed up the formation of fine lines and other aging signs.

So, try to have at least 8 cups of water a day. You can also treat skin dehydration signs topically by applying a nice replenishing toner, for example, Advanced Facial Treatment Toner.

  1. Your skin is not well moisturized

Did you know that hydration and moisturizing are not the same things? If your skin needs hydration, it means that it lacks water, while if it needs moisture, it means that it is dry and in need of lipids and oils.

What they both have in common – dehydrated and dry skin can lead to a dull appearance.

Whether you are dead set on the Korean skincare routine or you prefer a minimalist skincare approach, you need a nice, high-quality moisturizer. For dull skin specifically, try to find a moisturizer with a skin brightening effect. We recommend Cold Plazma Whitening Cream, which combines Plazma and Multi Growth Factor, for youthful-looking skin and the ultimate illuminated effect.

  1. Exfoliate that dull layer 

As your skin sheds, it gets covered in a layer of dead, dry skin cells. This layer can cover up your natural glow and slow down the skin renewal process.

For that reason, one of the best dull skin treatments would be regular exfoliation, which removes all that dry, dull skin and reveals the healthy skin underneath. Just make sure you exfoliate your skin gently – long-term, harsh scrubs can do more damage than good.

  1. Skin aging

Under the influence of free radicals, the aging process can make your skin look more tired and dull in several different ways. With years, the skin starts to shed slower, loses some of its water and moisture, start to sag, and the first fine lines and dark spots form.

A quality anti-aging serum can make a huge difference in how and how fast your skin ages. Advanced Facial Treatment Serum, for example, contains high concentrations of multi growth factor that enhances collagen production, keeps the skin soft, supple and youthful and adds the healthy glow.

  1. Negative environmental influences

Unfortunately, these days we are constantly exposed to things that damage, age and dull down our skin. From UV rays, pollution, and free radicals, to harsh winds and cold winter air – there is always something lurking around, just waiting to attack.

An anti-aging serum can be very helpful with this problem as well, as these serums are full of antioxidants that protect the skin against free radicals and help maintain its healthy glow. A quality moisturizer can reinforce your skin’s natural protective barrier and that way aid in protection against harsh environmental influences. 

And of course, whatever else you do, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen. It is the best shield from the harmful UV rays that can make a true difference for your skin in years and decades to come.

  1. Get your antioxidants and omega-3s through food

Though the Korean skincare routine can take you a long way and make a real, visible difference in your skin’s appearance, just applying products won’t help much unless you try and cut out on some bad habits, like poor diet and fast food.

The two things a dull skin especially needs are antioxidants (try eating more blueberries, cranberries, spinach, kale, beetroot, artichokes, dark chocolate, etc.) and healthy fats (you can find them in walnuts, avocado, soybeans, flaxseed, chia seed, and fatty fish).

  1. Lack of sleep & stressing out

dull skin skincare

There are a couple of reasons why getting a good night’s sleep can be very beneficial for your skin. First, lack of sleep significantly increases your stress levels, and stress can have all sorts of negative influences on your skin. And second, your skin regenerates and repairs itself during the night, especially if you encourage it a bit to do so.

So, try to get your 8 hours of sleep each and every night. And make sure to apply your anti-aging serum and a quality facial moisturizer, to enhance your skin’s renewal process.

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